Matrimonial Services


Application For Marital Considerations

In an effort to facilitate area single Muslims, ICG has created a matching making service. Our work is to organize the data you provide us and display it to prospective singles in a manner that preserves your privacy without preventing “Mr(s) Right” from learning what they need about you before taking things another step.

We also greatly care that all parties involved abide by Islamic directives as much as possible in the selection and khitbah process to secure Allah’s blessings and avoid sin and regret. Interested parties should also stay tuned for events that go over Islamic guidelines regarding different parts of the marriage process.

Once you’ve submitted the form below, a member of our team will be in touch with some follow up questions inshaAllah. Remember that some of your answers will be shared with others, so help them out by being descriptive and honest.

Your answers will be assumed truthful, as lying to a perspective spouse is prohibited. We encourage all to verify their claims with documentation to their perspective spouse before entering into a marital union.