In Case of Death


In Case of Death

Steps to take in case of a death in your family

You have to contact the ICG Cemetery Committee in order to perform the Islamic rites of washing the body, Janazah prayer, and burial at the Islamic Center of Greensboro’s cemetery located at 4925 Harvest Rd, McLeansville, NC 27301.

  1. Choose only one family member or friend to coordinate with the Cemetery Committee. Do not let multiple family members coordinate with the Cemetery Committee.
  2. Do not call any funeral homes.
  3. Call one of the phone numbers below.

ICG Cemetery Committee Phone Numbers:

Soumaila Mahamdne – 336.307.5475

Isam Elhusein – 336.404.7520

Salifou Tore – 336.681.6082

Awde Issaiq – 336.327.4118

Sheikh Dr. Yaser Ahmed – 336.255.2226

Ahmed Franklin – 336.457.3391

Razakou Maman – 336.772.0789