Janazah FAQ’s


The Muslim Cemetery is managed and maintained by the Cemetery Committee of ICG. The cemetery is a 5-acre land located at 4942 Harvest Rd, McLeansville, NC 27301(about 7 miles from the masjid)

The family of the deceased should contact the Chairperson of the ICG Cemetery Committee for necessary arrangements. The name and phone of the current Chairperson can be obtained by calling ICG’s office 336.375.4908.

Yes, you MUST fill out a Burial Registration Form, which is available at the ICG office. This will help ensure that all rites are performed in a proper and timely manner. The registration form is also designed to help the Funeral Committee maintain a log book of those buried in the cemetery. The Guilford County Cemetery Commission and the State of North Carolina legally require this log book.

When the body is ready to be released from the hospital, the Funeral Committee should be authorized by the family to recover it and transport it for bathing.

Currently the Cemetery Committee utilizes a space at Greensboro Islamic Academy at 900 Sixteenth St, Greensboro, NC 27405 then transported to ICG Masjid for funeral prayer (Salatul Janazah).

The burial kit consists of:

  • White Sheets (3-4 twin-sized sheets)
  • Rose Water (1 bottle)
  • Kafur (crushed mothballs)

InshaAllah, the Cemetery Committee of ICG will have these items in stock (at cost price) that the families could purchase. Please discuss this with a Cemetery Committee representative.

Paying all charges of the janazah is the sole responsibility of the deceased’s family. All fees associated with the janazah are to be paid in full before services are rendered.

The Salatul Janazah could be arranged at ICG Masjid. If the body is brought to the Masjid before Zuhr prayer, a funeral prayer will be held after the salat so that the body may be buried before Maghrib.

Yes. The master plan of the cemetery layout is at ICG. The gravedigger can be contacted only by members of the CBC. The chairperson of the Cemetery Committee or his designee will make the necessary arrangements and provide the authorization to the grave digger. ICG authorization is necessary and the gravedigger will not dig the grave without it. The grave will be dug in the designated location according to the master plan.

Payment for grave digging is included in the cost to be paid for the janazah services.

The approximate cost of burial is around $2,500.

The Cemetery Committee has established a standard size for the grave marker. Minimum information needed is name, date of birth, and date of death.

Donations are gratefully accepted. Please send or give your donations to “Islamic Center of Greensboro”. In the memo section of the check write “Cemetery and Burial Committee”.

Mailing address:

Islamic Center of Greensboro

2023 Sixteenth Street

Greensboro, NC 27405