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We welcome and thank you for your interest in visiting Islamic Center of Greensboro. Our tours last approximately 30 minutes and require an appointment. Please allow at least 3 business days in advance so that we can ensure a host/hostess will be available.  If you have additional questions regarding your visit or have not received a response, kindly email us directly at  Thank You!

The Visit to the Masjid Will Include:
1. A tour of the masjid, discussing the architecture and role of the Masjid in traditional and contemporary community life.
2. An orientation to the basic beliefs of Islam and the demographics of the Muslim’s in Greensboro, North Carolina.
3. Basic Islamic terminology will be introduced to enhance the educational experience.
4. The group may observe one of our five daily prayers (depending on timing)
5. The visitors will take part in an open discussion with a question-and-answer period with the tour leader.

What is a Mosque (Masjid)?
The Masjid is a central location for congregational prayer and community services. Our services include 5 daily prayers, full time private school and areas for social events/activities.

The Masjid is also a central hub for religious gatherings which include our Friday sermon (Jummu’ah) and marriage ceremonies. Many Masajid’s also provide counseling for both religious and non-religious affairs.

What to Wear?
Men and women should wear loose fitting clothing and cover their body except hands, face and feet.

Women are required to cover their hair with a scarf.

Structure of the Masjid
Upon entering the Masjid, you will be asked to remove your shoes, so we can maintain the cleanliness of our prayer space. Please feel free to carry/wear a clean pair of socks as several areas are constructed with tile floors.

We thank you for your interest in visiting Islamic Center of Greensboro. Please feel free to let us know if there is anything we can do to make your trip an enjoyable experience.

*Please also note, that no alcohol or pork is allowed inside the Masjid

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