Masjid Expansion

Who We Are


Purpose of Expansion:

The number of community members of ICG is increasing by the Grace of Allah SWT first, then, due to Muslim Brothers and Sisters coming from different countries and the increasing rate of members who revert to Islam.

This expansion estimated to cost a little over $1,000,000 was initiated to remediate the following concerns: 

  1. Relocating Restrooms to be far from praying areas to eliminate hygiene issues and odors that may reach to the prayer areas easily.
    1. 850 sq.ft. of heated restrooms and wudu areas with 10 Wudu taps and 10 toilets symmetrically on each end of the building for men and women.
  2. Additional praying space for both men and women.
    1. 960 sq. ft. additional praying areas for both men and women, this will accommodate 100 for each side.
  3. Relocating the kitchen to be separated from Men’s praying area and potentially use it for additional space for praying.
    1. 330 sq.ft kitchen space and court yard for eating
  4. Expand the masjid’s entrance.
    1. Wider entrance to reduce crowding when entering and leaving the masjid.

Completed Phase:

  • 2019- The design phase is completed and the
  • July 29th, 2021- The Mobile units, (Previously used for GIA School), was removed from the Expansion’s area by the will of Allah SWT.

Current Phase:

  • August 20th, 2021- Speaking with the Architect to create the construction team to begin the project.

Upcoming Phase:

  • Apply for the permit
  • Commence Construction