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The Prophet (Peace be upon him) was asked: “Who is the best of people?” He replied… “The one who is most beneficial to others” (Silsalah Sahihah- Al-Albani 789/1)

We are looking for volunteers to give some of their time to help serve the Masjid and the community.

Volunteers are the life blood of our community. This masjid runs on their effort and dedication to serve the house of Allah (SWT) and its guests. Join us for the sake of Allah (SWT) and help support this community in any capacity where you can add value. We have a number of projects and programs for all ages and backgrounds and you will surely be able to support, or even start, one or more of these programs with your skills, wisdom, or just good company.

Without the help of Allah (SWT) and the generosity of the community, this committee would not be able to function. There is always a need for active volunteers. To get involved in the masjid and the community, please fill out volunteer form below or email us at volunteer@icgmasjid.org.

Jazakom Allahu Khair.

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